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Design, manufacture and production types of crushing devices

As you know, various factors are involved in the selection of a stone crusher, including the hardness of the stone, erosion, the size and shape of the stone, the amount of moisture, daily operation, etc., which must be taken into account before purchasing this machine. did Stone crushers can be pre-designed or prepared and produced in different ways according to the requests of dear customers and their needs. The most important part when choosing a stone crusher is the resistance of the device and the type of alloys used in it. Mumtaz Seng Shekh is proud to be able to provide quality products to its dear customers.

Products offered by Mumtaz Stone Crusher
Jaw crusher: Jaw crushers are usually used as primary crushers in processing and crushing lines. Jaw crushers of Mumtaz Stone Crusher Company are widely used in crushing hard minerals such as iron ore, copper ore, lead and zinc, quartz, feldspar, etc.

Qubit crusher: Qubit crushers can be used as primary, secondary and tertiary crushers. It should be noted that all the hammers of Qubit stone crushers manufactured by Mumtaz Stone Crusher are made of Nyhard steel, high chrome or manganese steel, and the anvils are all made of manganese steel.

Hammer crusher: It belongs to the group of qubit crushers and is used as a secondary and tertiary crusher. In the hammer crusher manufactured by Mumtaz Stone Crusher Company, according to the customer's order, Ni Hard or forged steel hammers are used, and all the straps are made of CK 45 anti-wear sheet.

Cone crusher: Cone crusher or hydrocones are used as primary, secondary and even tertiary crushers in mineral crushing and processing lines. It should be noted that all parts that are subject to depreciation are made of manganese alloy steel and all bearings are licensed by reputable European companies such as FAG or SKF.

Centrifugal crusher: This device is used as a tertiary crusher. It should be noted that all the hammers of the Rock on Rock device are made of tungsten carbide and the rotor, which is the most critical part of the centrifuge, is made of Hardox 400.

Powder mill: This stone crusher is one of the tertiary stone crushers and is used to produce fine grain (0-1mm). The main use of stone powder machine in plaster industry is stone powder, carbonate, etc.