About Us

About us

Momtaz Crusher Company has taken great steps in the realm of design and build of such machinery with half a century experience in building and production of types of crusher machines and has also presented its capabilities to different domestic and foreign industries.

After years of research in production and offering types of mineral crusher machinery, this company has had noticeable activities not only in providing regular machinery but also in building special crusher machinery for various minerals of regional features.

In addition to provision of the facilities mentioned inside of Iran, Momtaz Crusher Company holds the ability to present these products at the international level and at a competitive quality.

Precision, quality and providing expansive services are three important and vital factors that have always been attended to in this company.

This company tries to provide its services to the consumer in the least amount of time, at the most suitable prices and with the desired quality.

The machinery manufactured by Momtaz Crusher Company includes types of crushers in different dimensions and capacities (such as jaw crusher, hammer crusher, cone crusher (hydro cone), Impact crusher, centrifuged fine crusher and powder mill), supplementary machines (such as feeder, screen and sand washer), mineral transporter (such as conveyor, elevator and screws) and also laboratory machines (such as laboratory jaw crusher, laboratory hammer crusher, powder mill, bullet mill and roller mill).

This company is prepared to participate with different organizations in the realm of design, build, install and set up of crusher lines and preparation of types of minerals, restoration and repair of types of crusher machines and also building and provision of spare parts related to the above mentioned machines.


Founder of Momtaz Crusher Company – Year 2016

Founder of Momtaz Crusher Company – Year 1961