Vertical Impact Crusher


This machine is used as the tertiary crusher. Vertical Impact Crusher machine is able to produce multi-faceted combined soil in accordance with the latest standards of producing sand for being used in asphalt and concrete.

Vertical Impact Crusher or the Rock on Rock is frequently used in grinding hard stones such as feldspar, silica, dolomite, barite and grinding system in this machine is as self-breaker. It should be noted that all hammers in Rock on Rock machine are made from tungsten carbide and rotor which is the most vital part of this machine, is made from Hardox 400.


  •  Low depreciation
  •  High grinding efficiency
  •  Easy maintenance
Technical Specifications


 Feed Size
 Rotor Speed 
 Motor Power 
Rotor x Width Type
 7000  25-78  0-40  1450-1750  110  650x240  MS-VS501
 9000  45-125  0-45  1300-1600  160  800x300  MS-VS502